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Dark Nebula - Dream Fuel

Dark Nebula - Dream Fuel
LabelDigital Psionics
Typealbum, CD

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DARK NEBULA - Dream Fuel


01 Dark Nebula - Unwanted Emotion
02 Dark Nebula - Mary Poppin Pills
03 Dark Nebula - My Domain
04 Dark Nebula - Dances With Werewolves
05 Dark Nebula - Our Priority
06 Dark Nebula - Kraftworld
07 Dark Nebula - No Religion
08 Dark Nebula - Pheromone 415
09 Dark Nebula - Clinically Insane
10 Dark Nebula - Round And Round (Live Mix)

Dream Fuel is a new drug, forged of dreams and pushed forward into your waking day.

Dark nebula provides the perfect ingredients and cooks up this digital storm. Brewed and baked, toasted and fried, providing a unique full powered experience only dark Nebula can provide.

Digital Psionics is proud to release dark nebula 5th album called 'Dream Fuel'. 10 huge tracks with collaborations with some of Digital Psionics finest trance acts. This album is a monster and blasts forward with more unrelenting unique original trance scapes.

Dark Nebula - Dream Fuel: Front
Dark Nebula - Dream Fuel: CD