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Dark Nebula - Sacred Scars

Dark Nebula - Sacred Scars
LabelDigital Psionics
Typealbum, CD

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DARK NEBULA - Sacred Scars


01 Dark Nebula - Truth In Flesh
02 Dark Nebula - Mr Incredible
03 Dark Nebula - No More Technology
04 Dark Nebula - Forces Of Chaos
05 Dark Nebula - Space Is Big
06 Dark Nebula - Track Six
07 Dark Nebula - Bad Name
08 Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe
09 Dark Nebula - Stop Them (Remix)

Digital Psionics presents the sixth album from Australia's Psychedelic trance master known as Dark Nebula.

The explosive energy of Dark Nebula fuses future rock onto the dance floor. Decipher the symbols to create your own adventure, This is your story, where time blasts, and shards of audio leave you Sacred Scars.

Dark Nebula twists synthesis with unimaginable force, every oscillator twitches with delight; every grain of audible colour has been painted with meticulous delight. Every Beat has been carefully Molded, pushing past the pleasant past, Creating this wonderful digitized sculpture.

This album contains nine fresh furious trax including collaborations from some of Digital Psionics most prolific acts such as Miraculix, Psyboriginal and Geko.

This album is so solid; It should be carved in stone.

Dark Nebula - Parallel Universe

'Just when you thought it was safe to explore the universe.'

'Parallel universe.'

'Start the countdown prepare yourselves for the ride of your life. Let's ROCK! I wanna rock.'

'There is a universe in all of us.'

Dark Nebula - Sacred Scars: Front