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Dark Nebula - Weird Sound Generator

Dark Nebula - Weird Sound Generator
LabelDigital Psionics
Typealbum, CD

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DARK NEBULA - Weird Sound Generator


01 Dark Nebula vs Meeo - Racked My Brain
02 Dark Nebula - Fashion Victim
03 Dark Nebula - Mezmerized
04 Dark Nebula vs Tantrum - Psi Breed
05 Dark Nebula vs Electrypnose vs Meeo - Spirit Cave
06 Dark Nebula - Universal Heart
07 Dark Nebula vs Meeo vs Hacker - Schizophrenics And Psychos
08 Dark Nebula vs Twisted System - Delicious
09 Dark Nebula - The Bat

Digital Psionics Presents

DARK NEBULA'S new album

A double disk edition. Celebrating Digital Psionics 30th release.
Including an interactive re-mixable CD, In full 16bit CD quality. With a competition to make your own dark nebula remix, and the possibility of getting your remix released on Psionic Tales Episode 3.

Dark Nebula has neatly placed a psychedelic storm into his 7th album. Mastering this experience to suit the edge, mixing it up with acts including Electrypnose, Twisted System, Meeo, Tantrum and the mysterious Hacker. This full tilt original Dark Nebula production just oscillates a unique sound that cannot be duplicated and must not be missed.

The weird sound generator has created its own soul. Bombarding every free space of the audio spectrum it could find, forcing every decibel to bounce perpetually, stored potentially, for our physical reality. Some say Dark Nebula no longer exists and the weird sound generator has been producing all these years just to keep the sounds alive.

Manmade or machine modified, only you can tell?

Be a part of the music.
Be your own Weird Sound Generator.

Dark Nebula - Weird Sound Generator: Front