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Dark Soho - Sun Spot (Re-release)

Dark Soho - Sun Spot (Re-release)
LabelYoYo Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Dark Soho - Unusual Ceremony
02 Dark Soho - Gothic Prayer
03 Dark Soho - Supernova
04 Dark Soho - From Beyond
05 Dark Soho - Depth of Emotion
06 Dark Soho - Tales of Tragedy
07 Dark Soho - Suckobus
08 Dark Soho - Sleepwalking
09 Dark Soho - Uine Saracomm
10 Dark Soho feat. Yahel - Orchestra Pile Pile

Dark Soho - Depth of Emotion

'Even a man who is pure in the heart and says his prayers by night,
may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the winter/autumn moon is bright.'

From the movie 'The Wolf Man'

Dark Soho - Suckobus

'First, there was darkness. Then came the Strangers. They were a race as old as time itself. They had mastered the ultimate technology - the ability to alter physical reality by will alone. They called this ability "Tuning." But they were dying. Their civilization was in decline, and so they abandoned their world, seeking a cure for their own mortality. Their endless journey brought them to a small, blue world... in the farthest corner of the galaxy. Our world. Here, they thought they had finally found... what they had been searching for.'

From movie 'Dark City'

Dark City

Dark Soho - Sun Spot (Re-release): Front
Dark Soho - Sun Spot (Re-release): Back
Dark Soho - Sun Spot (Re-release): Inside
Dark Soho - Sun Spot (Re-release): Inside 2