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DarkPsy - Silent Noise

DarkPsy - Silent Noise
LabelSin Records
Typealbum, CD

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Darkpsy - Silent Noise


01 DarkPsy - The pitching (Intro)
02 DarkPsy - Active dark room
03 DarkPsy - Stress
04 DarkPsy - Gt4 (Remix)
05 DarkPsy - Nord is back
06 DarkPsy - Fm amount
07 DarkPsy - Worthing friends
08 DarkPsy - To you, dance to me
09 DarkPsy - Oscar powerrrr
10 DarkPsy - The acid dance
11 DarkPsy - Flashback (Outro)

Sin Records started in the beginning of 2006 and was created to promote electronic music such as Trance (various genres), Electro & Ambient will open new influences in musical direction. We will offer you works from some of the best in Portuguese electronic music. The first release will be in the Trance genre and Electro will be our follow up before the end of the year.

Sin Records presents the second album of Jonathan Molinari aka DarkPsy. After his first album release on DEJA VU RECORDS last year and releases on various compilations DarkPsy brings to us new influences in the dark trance scene, with groovy, energetic & Full On influences that appear on most of the tracks. Tracks such as "Active Darkroom", "gt4 (Rmx)" and "To You Dance To Me" will be hits on any dance floor. Fast with a melodic touch! This combination of sounds will make this Cd an essential piece for Dark Full On lovers to add to their collection, a valuable addition for any Dj case. This album will make you want to sin.

Mastered By : L.Henry Sarmiento II Sonic Vista Studios, Ibiza, Spain

DarkPsy - Silent Noise: Front