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Darkshire - Breakdown

Darkshire - Breakdown
LabelHelicon Sound System
Typealbum, CD


01 Brain Panik - Insane
02 Schizoshire - Oxygen
03 DaRkShiRe - Public Nuisance
04 Brain Error - Break Down
05 Double Core - 3rd Realm
06 Darkshire Detonator & Turtle - Il Colpo Grosso
07 Septagram - Mort Subite
08 DaRkShiRe & Furious - Fovos n Tromos Part 2
09 Kokobloko & Der Kiffenstone - Don't Crash

Darkshire is a restless pioneer of the psychedelic vibrations. He and his friends combined their universal vibes to cross the known limits of creative madness.
«The Breakdown».
Marios is a respected underground producer from Athens who along with his friends Zolod, Dimitri -"Dark elf", Viktor - "Terminator", Kolya, Furious to just name a few, have been producing psychedelic since the early era.
This wild bunch is responsible for a massive project influenced greatly by the spirit of original Goa trance, to modern Hi-tech psychedelic techno trance. A killer gathering of 9 exclusive collaborations enhanced by Furious' madness and Cadans studios.