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Datakult & Baphomet Engine - Psytrance Is Dead!

Datakult & Baphomet Engine - Psytrance Is Dead!
LabelNabi Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Baphomet Engine - Superputrefaction
02 Baphomet Engine - Necrovilla Station
03 Datakult - Liquid Genocid (Baphomet Engine Remix)
04 Baphomet Engine - Recrucifice
05 Baphomet Engine & Datakult - Diktatur
06 Datakult & Ehm - Annunakis
07 Datakult - Serial Experiments
08 Baphomet Engine - Zotob (Datakult Remix)
09 Baphomet Engine & Datakult - Psytrance Is Dead
10 Datakult - Antisystem

"Psytrance is dead!" was born of a wish from the Baphomet Engine to collaborate with Datakult on a special concept: Let go of everything and be free to push the music to the extremes you want. Since both projects really appreciate each other, they decided to put their energies and talent together to produce and write together what is defining new levels in psychedelic night music. Baphomet Engine and Datakult are two of today's major figures of the underground psychedelic scenes. The music they have been producing is taking many of us to spaces and levels we did not even expect to reach... This split album confirms their natural talents and super creativity, is taking a different path, is avoiding any "cliché", fighting against the system to free your mind through true psychedelic sounds. Today, "Psytrance" is being used, miss-used and abused, this special release will definitely open your mind to alternative psychedelic levels while you dance till dawn to celebrate and enjoy all together the true meaning of trance music.