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Deeper In Zen - Silence

Deeper In Zen - Silence
LabelSoular Records
Typealbum, CD

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Deeper In Zen - Silence


01 Deeper in Zen - First Breath
02 Deeper in Zen - Revealing Luminescense
03 Deeper in Zen - It Is Now
04 Deeper in Zen - Inner Illuminations
05 Deeper in Zen - Integral Mind
06 Deeper in Zen - Wicked Purity
07 Deeper in Zen - Dark Electric
08 Deeper in Zen - Elemental

Deeper in Zen is back with a new CD full of the most hard hitting, foot stomping Full Power psytrance this side of the planet. "Silence" is the fourth CD from Deeper in Zen, and this time DIZ explores an edgier and groovier side without selling out to the ever pervasive "cheese" that seems to be the epidemic of today's "psychedelic" trance.

Deeper In Zen - Silence: Front