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Delysid - Alternate Structures

Delysid - Alternate Structures
LabelNoize Conspiracy
Typealbum, CD


01 Delysid - City Of God
02 Abomination - Pusherman (Delysid Remix)
03 Menog - Cosmic Consciousness (Delysid Remix)
04 Sirius Isness - Oxygenation (Delysid Remix)
05 Delysid - Heart Beat (Exaile Remix)
06 Outsiders - Schizophrenia (Delysid Remix)
07 Azax Syndrom - Asnamus (Delysid Remix)
08 Delysid - Take Me Away (Massive vs Cpu Remix)
09 Exaile - The World Is Our Dancefloor (Delysid Remix)

The Delysid Duo strikes back again after the worldwide success of their debut album.
The new album is based on 9 superstormers that will fit all the range of musical diversity in the scene now a days.
All the tracks are filled with pounding rhythms, mind blowing sequences and powered up basslines melting into psychedelic structures that are coming out from this masterpiece.
So get ready to listen how Delysid shows the world their new ,fresh and mature sound by telling us how "Alternate Structures" should be built.

Delysid - Alternate Structures: Front