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Didrapest - Point Therapy

Didrapest - Point Therapy
LabelBoa Group Records
Typealbum, CD

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Didrapest - Point Therapy


01 Didrapest - To Marry
02 Didrapest - Celebration
03 Didrapest - Reality
04 Didrapest - Super Man
05 Didrapest - Point Therapy
06 Didrapest - Tonal
07 Didrapest - Time On Limited (Didrapest Remix)
08 Didrapest - Virtuoso (Didrapest Remix)
09 Didrapest - Viva La Mexico

Massive Trance / Boa Group is proud to present, Didrapest's long awaited solo album, 'Point Therapy'.

Didrapest is Hanan Ben Armon, based in the sunny southern city of Israel, Beer Sheva, talented promising producer, with an impressive resume behind him.

Didrapest has been traveling the world, performing and playing his famous Live Set's, in countries, such as Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Italy, to a name a few.

During 2008, Didrapest productions have been released on numerous compilation release, under top international labels, such as: Yahel's label FTP Records, Phonokol, Planet B.E.N, Enigmatic Sound Japan, Sirius, Dacru.

Didrapest remix to Yahel known hit D.N.A, received major feedbacks, from the entire global electronic music scene, and was released on Yahel's compilation Super Set II.
After his successful collaboration album 'Psychedelic Injection' with the German producer Planet B.E.N, Didrapest is back, stronger then ever.

'Point Therapy', presents 9 new exiting tracks, loaded with emotional elements, atmospheric to energetic Full On Trance. 'Point Therapy' includes a few strong collaborations, with Indra, Underbeat and Mixed Emotions, and an outstanding remix to Cyrus The Virus and Logic Bomb, 'Virtuoso' track.

All in all this is a massive release from an outstanding prominent producer, packed with an essential selection of tracks, a must for all Dj's and electronic music lovers.

Didrapest - Point Therapy: Front