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DigitalX & Kerberos & Voc - Victims Of Coincidence

DigitalX & Kerberos & Voc - Victims Of Coincidence
LabelTriplag Music
Typealbum, CD

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DigitalX, Kerberos & VOC - Victims of Coincidence


01 Voc - John Doe
02 Voc - Twisted Reality
03 DigitalX - Aurora Borealis
04 Voc - Narcotic Nut
05 Kerberos - Dark Screamer
06 DigitalX - No Pulse
07 DigitalX - Where Is The Milk?
08 Voc - Not So Friendly
09 Kerberos - Still Here
10 Keberos - Psydarkustix

Triplag Music is proud to present a split album from two of its label artists DigitalX and Kerberos - Victims of Coincidence. The album is a result of the liberated voice of the coincidence & the sound of the cooperation between two friends Pascal (Kerberos) from Northern Greece and Alex (DigitalX) from Cyprus.

Kerberos is known for its aggressive dark and fast crushing beats and DigitalX's signature style of dropping sublime story melodies into a fat groovy base. Then, what will happen if you fuse them together?

VOC - Victims Of Coincidence is a project between Alex and Pascal. Since their very first contact they have joined their musical tastes as a simple experiment in search and creating something unique and new as their own path. It combines aggressive dark and groovy style into a challenging dark psychedelic, intellectual journey.