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Dimitri D.K.N. - Interrupted

Dimitri D.K.N. - Interrupted
LabelNeurobiotic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Dimitri DKN - Interrupted


01 Dimitri D.K.N. - Synthetic Freedom
02 Dimitri D.K.N. - Farewell
03 Dimitri D.K.N. - I Want You
04 Dimitri D.K.N. - Motel Lover
05 Dimitri D.K.N. - Coming soon (Dimitri DKN Remix)
06 Dimitri D.K.N. - Evoc (Dimitri DKN Remix)
07 Dimitri D.K.N. - Interrupted
08 Dimitri D.K.N. - Lfo
09 Dimitri D.K.N. - Biorythms

Interrupted - Dimitri DKN, is a culmination of a years work in the studio in Ibiza, in-between tours, pulling on various musical influences - from techno and progressive, minimal and house, and years of festivals, clubs and different countries and flavors, to bring a different angle to what is commonly known as Psy Trance. Ranging in styles, intensities and bpms, much like Dimitr's trance DJ sets, in order to bring a colorful perspective to trance.

Primarily all tracks were written by Dimitri in Dado's studio, hence the numerous collaborations with Dado (of Deedrah, Synthetic & Krome Angels fame) and mixed by Dimitri at Serge Souque's Antidote Studio (famous for Total Eclipse) and hence the participation of The Antidote.Also featured on the album are remixes for X Dream's late 90's classic 'Coming Soon', a remix to Astrix and Dimitri's 2002 underground hit, 'Evoc' and The Good Bad and Ugly's (as yet unreleased) Interrupt.

Dimitri D.K.N. - Interrupted: Front