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Dissociactive - Total Transformation

Dissociactive - Total Transformation
LabelSun Station Records
Typealbum, CD

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Dissociactive - Total Transformation


01 Dissociactive - 3000 Modulations
02 Dissociactive - Bioreaction
03 Dissociactive - The Bog
04 Dissociactive - Time Sphere
05 Dissociactive - Stalker
06 Dissociactive - Cinder
07 Dissociactive - Unga Bakatunga
08 Dissociactive - Lissa In Wonderland
09 Dissociactive - 25th Frame Effect

Straight after "Underwater Lab EP" Sun Station brings you "Total Transformation" a new full length work by famous russian psychedelic master Dissociactive. After successful debut album "Block Out", released on Acidance Records in 2005, it took several years to bring next psychedelic masterpiece to worldwide audience. New album is specifically created for total transformation of your consciousness by means of full power psychedelic music. Drop away all your fears and doubts and let the sound flow through your body. All tracks on the album are charged with intense grooves, enveloped with catchy melodies on different layers and spiced by infectious psychedelic sounds. No doubt that such ingredients will make people blasting on the dance floors from midnight till early morning. Slava Iskanyan, for now the only member of the project, putted lots of effort in his work on synthesis and effects to improve the original Dissociactive sound. As a result, he made it even more clear and diverse, thereby brought it to the level, which not every artist on the scene has. Music is deeply filled with "old school" psytrance roots and mounted with fresh high-tech sound design. So, psychedelic heads of all generations will find something interesting for their ears, legs and wondering souls. Just keep your mind opened and you will see how the world around will transform whether you are on freak floor or at home. Limited edition 500 hand-numbered digipack copies.