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DJ Tomtron & Timm Liesegang - Questians

DJ Tomtron & Timm Liesegang - Questians
LabelSoulTribe Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Dj Tomtron & Timm Liesegang - Questians (April Remix)
02 Dj Tomtron & Timm Liesegang - Movida

Tomtron and Liesegang are back.

After taking a break and working on different Projects Dj Tomtron and his Partner Timm Liesegang went back to the Studio and now you can listen what they did the last few months.

The A Side... let's put it in few words!

Amazing Guitar Riffs, smashing hypnotic vocals and a pumping baseline combined with a massive break all inside a state of the art arrangement is what the first track is in a few words. It filled floors from Brazil's Beaches to Northern German Festivals Floors. And this because of a lot of aspects in this track which you'll experience as soon as you gonna listen to it while dancing on a floor, no matter where or why! You'll be amazed! Love it or...

The B Side... maybe you need to know more?

This Track is named like the Album which will be released pretty fast after this EP on Soultribe Records shows the wide range and variety of what comes out by combining Tomtron and Liesegang into one Project and locking them into a studio every Wednesday for certain months. Minimal Structures that never loose their strength to push the crowd forward on the dancefloor. Again a massive baseline and an atmospheric break that takes your breath right away... and right after it got back to ya chest you'll be instantaneously pushed to the next level by atmospheric patterns and electronic sounds. Play it again Sam!

Look out for the Album... on Soultribe