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DNA - Get Wicked

DNA - Get Wicked
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DNA - Get Wicked


01 DNA - Break Out
02 DNA - Synthetic (DNA Live)
03 DNA - Get Wicked

Phonokol proudly presents the new Single of DNA - 'Get wicked'

After the huge success of 'The music' this duo gives us a new reason to look forward to the second Album.

DNA, Eitan Tanami (aka - Injection) aged 30, and Zeev Kardonsky, aged 23 released their first album at Phonokol last year. Since then, they became one of the most popular trance acts due to their uniqueness and powerful music style.

'Get wicked' gives us a small taste of the DNA new material.In this Single u will find 'Break out' a new tune taken from the future album, and also a live version of 'Synthetic DNA' (original tune from the last DNA album -Kick Me up) and 'Get wicked' another side of DNA music skills.

The second album of DNA 'Break out' (which will be released at the beginning of Sep 2007) is actually breaking point of the DNA music career. Keeping their powerful energy style which DNA are known for with new refreshing ideas and high production level, turn ' Break out' album into a big hit.

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