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DNA - Sounds Like A Melody

DNA - Sounds Like A Melody
Typealbum, CD


01 DNA feat. Meital - Turn Me Off
02 DNA vs Gataplex - Music In My Soul
03 DNA vs Melicia - Indigo
04 DNA vs Sesto Sento - Move 2 The Groove
05 Gataka vs Apocalypse vs Gillix - In My Mind (DNA Remix)
06 DNA - Speed Of Sound Part 2
07 DNA vs Wizzy Noise - Restart
08 DNA vs Melicia - Where Are You
09 DNA - Butterfly

After the huge success of both their albums, this duo gives us a new reason to look forward to the 3RD Album.

DNA - Eitan Tanami (aka - Injection) aged 33, and Zeev Kardonsky, aged 25 released their first album "Kick Me Up" at Phonokol on 2006. Since then, they became one of the most popular trance acts, due to their uniqueness and powerful music style.

Their second album "Break out", which was released late 2007 gave us a taste of what more we can expect from this dynamic duo. After numerous performances all around the globe and the time invested on eitan's project - "Injection" which gave birth to a hugely successful album under that name, DNA are ready with their highly anticipated 3rd studio album

"Sounds like a Melody".

"Sounds Like A Melody" is really the crown jowl of the couple's career and is a master piece that marks the highlight of their creation up to date. You can find psychedelic pieces along side with more "Commercial" pieces combining Vocals from their talented singer Meital and a few collaborations with Melicia, Wizzy noise, Sesto Sento and Gataplex which proved to be most prolific in generating definite "Hits". The versatility of this album insures its place as a

"Must Have" cd for every trance dj and will catch the ears of a few House dj's as well.

You Are Guaranteed To Love It!

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