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Doof - Let's Turn On

Doof - Let's Turn On
LabelTIP Records
Typealbum, vinyl

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Doof - Let's Turn On


01 Doof - Let's Turn On
02 Doof - Angelina
03 Doof - Youth Of The Galaxy (Final Demand Mix)
04 Doof - Double Dragons
05 Doof - Sunshrine
06 Doof - Secret Sun (Sunbeam Mix)
07 Doof - Mars Needs Women
08 Doof - Destination Bom

Doof - Let's Turn On

'Let's turn on.'

Quote by Timothy Leary

Doof - Angelina


Doof - Double Dragons

'The future has already happened.'

Doof - Mars needs women

'Mars need women.'

'Was it truth? Could space monsters made with Earth women.'

'Its just three words. The message is Mars need women. '

'We checked and doublechecked, it keeps coming back the same thing. The message is Mars needs women.'

Taken from movie 'Mars Needs Women'

Mars Needs Women

Doof - Let's Turn On: Side A
Doof - Let's Turn On: Side B
Doof - Let's Turn On: Side C
Doof - Let's Turn On: Side D