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Downhill - Silent City

Downhill - Silent City
LabelGravity Plus Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Downhill - Three Years Drought
02 Downhill - Perfect Man
03 Downhill - Ed Lab
04 Downhill - Ground Effects
05 Downhill - The Final Miles
06 Downhill - Silent City
07 Downhill - 33 Degrees
08 Downhill - Weaken Memories
09 Downhill - Perfect Man (Human)
10 Downhill - Silent City (Soundtrack)

Downhill - Three Years Drought

'I am driving down the hill at night. I stop my car. Get in, I'll drive you home.'

Downhill - Ed Lab

'There is something to be learned. There is something to be learned from a rainstorm.'

'The Way of the Samuari is one of immediacy.'

'The Way of the Samuari is one of immediacy, and it is best do dash in headlong.'

Fron the movie 'Ghost Dog'

Ghost Dog

Downhill - Ground Effects

'See the warface, take a look around.'

Downhill - Perfect Man (Human)

You are convinced the thing on this table is (...)

(...) human.

You know what is when I began with?


A higher, perfect man.

You see, it's happening already.

You know what it is?

Downhill - Silent City: Front
Downhill - Silent City: Back
Downhill - Silent City: Back 2
Downhill - Silent City: Inside
Downhill - Silent City: Inside 2