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Drumatik - Peak Process

Drumatik - Peak Process
LabelPeak Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Drumatik - The Forest Spirit
02 Drumatik - Off Into Space
03 Drumatik - Devil's Door
04 Drumatik - Simulations
05 Drumatik - Killing Zoo Remix
06 Drumatik - Access Approved
07 Drumatik - Psychiatric Symphony
08 Drumatik - Revolution 2012
09 Drumatik - Face To Faith

In the wake of its latest compilations 'Chillogram' and 'Utopeak' followed by Electrypnoses acclaimed full length debut album, Peak Records is delighted to unearth yet another gem of the Swiss psychedelic scene.

Drumatik presents his debut album 'Peak Process' and what an electrically charged maelstrom it is!

Drumatik has the habit of pushing boundaries over the edge and 'Peak Process' is an ideal manifestation of the concept. The nine fast paced sonic bulldozers composing the album are theatrically stitched together in a manic fit of twists and grooves. And they are heading straight for the night dancefloors of psychedelia with a couple of detours through the twilight zone!

Drumatik's production is a technically impeccable patchwork of innovative sounds. A topsy turvy alchemy of clever sampling, unexpected breaks, powerful basslines and hectic rhythms accompanied by crunchy but atmospheric pad sounds.

Drumatik - Peak Process: Front
Drumatik - Peak Process: CD