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Dual Core - Eruption

Dual Core - Eruption
LabelH2O Records
Typealbum, CD

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Dual Core - Eruption


01 Dual Core - Signing In
02 Dual Core - Magnetic Area
03 Dual Core - Dirty Mind
04 Dual Core - Agressor
05 Dual Core - Trick Track
06 Dual Core - Eruption
07 Dual Core - Oomda
08 Dual Core - Synergy
09 Dual Core - Sharp Shooters
10 Dual Core - MP

Dual Core will succeed where others have failed after all they now have twice the imagination, two times as much talent and twin turbo engines to boot!

H20 Records are proud to present the explosive new debut album by Dual Core. It's called 'Eruption' and it's going to blow a hole sky high in the Trance music fraternity!

Dual Core is comprised of two nuclear fission reactors who go by the name of Adi Milner and Eran Ben Gaon. Both artists have had successful solo careers, recording and performing around the world as Backspace (that's Adi) and Point that's Eran.

As the saying goes'two heads are better than one' and so to record this album they decided to pool their talents and become 'as One'...a Dual Coretwice as potent!

What we can say with certainty is that these two fellows share the common aim to stimulate the senses, to enliven the mind, and to free up the body with music that is fiery, hot and explosive on the dance-floor.

So remember while it is true to say that some volcanoes lie dormant or quietly smoulder for years, if, and when they do erupt, you better be ready to run for cover!

Dual Core - Eruption: Front