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E-Chip - Stargazer

E-Chip - Stargazer
LabelJum Jam Records
Typealbum, CD

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e-chip - Stargazer


01 E-Chip - Off Button
02 E-Chip feat. Thorsten Mesrine - Marihuana (Dope Mix)
03 E-Chip feat. Janos L - Titan Impulse (Hungarian Mix)
04 E-Chip feat. Thorsten Mesrine - E-Chip (The Original)
05 E-Chip feat. Thorsten Mesrine - Xperienced
06 E-Chip - Stargazer
07 E-Chip - Freud
08 E-Chip feat. Thorsten Mesrine - Forgotten Songs (E-Chip Remix)
09 E-Chip feat. Johann Bley - The Experience Of Taking A Step Into Someones Dream (Nu Nrj Expression)

E-Chip - Stargazer

"The stars are so beautiful from space." @ 0:07

"I used to spend hours just lying on a hill looking up." @ 0:13

"You always did love the sky. A stargazer ... that is what you are." @ 0:20

From 'Star Trek - The Next Generation' (S02E06: 'The Schizoid Man')

Star Trek - The Next Generation

E-Chip - Stargazer: Front
E-Chip - Stargazer: Back
E-Chip - Stargazer: CD