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Eat Static - Revisitation

Eat Static - Revisitation
LabelPlanet Dog Records
Typealbum, CD

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Eat Static - Revisitation


01 Eat Static - Lost In Time
02 Eat Static - Gulf Breeze (Zetan Remix)
03 Eat Static - The Brain
04 Eat Static - Epsylon
05 Eat Static - Dionysiac
06 Eat Static - Peeow!
07 Eat Static - Undulattice (Uforic Remix)
08 Eat Static - Cocoon
09 Eat Static - You Are Being Taken

01 Eat Static - Bony Incus
02 Eat Static - Bony Incus Shape Head Remix
03 Eat Static - Bony Incus Mucor Remix
04 Eat Static - Hybrid
05 Eat Static - Hybrid - Eat Static Remix
06 Eat Static - Interceptor
07 Eat Static - Interceptor - Eat Static Remix
08 Eat Static - Contact
09 Eat Static - Contact - Eat Static Remix

* The tracks on this album have not previously been available on one release and have not featured on any of Eat Static's studio albums, making this album essentially, a 'new' Eat Static release.

* The album features 2 previously unreleased classic Eat Static tracks (Cocoon and You Are Being Taken) dating from the early 1990's and left forgotten in the band's tape vaults until now.

* Barring two tracks (Gulf Breeze and Interceptor) this album features material that was originally only available on EP format (12" and CD single) or is previously unreleased.

* Almost all of the tracks on this album have been unavailable to purchase for at least five years.

* This year marks Eat Static's 20th anniversary and sees the band performing a year-long 20th Anniversary worldwide tour to promote this album.

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