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Echotek - Changing Frames

Echotek - Changing Frames
LabelYoYo Records
Typealbum, CD

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Echotek - Changing Frames


01 Echotek - G Note
02 Echotek - Forever Nights
03 Echotek - M12
04 Echotek - Step On It
05 Echotek - Changing Frames
06 Echotek - Time & Space
07 Echotek & Atomic Pulse - Strike Twice
08 Echotek - Don't Be
09 Echotek & Basic - Mind Factor

Not everyday will you come across such a unique and standout release as "Changing Frames", proving the Israeli electronic music scene has much more to offer than just psytrance.

Echotek (a.k.a Micha Yossef) is one of those rare artists that instantly captivate your ears. His sound proudction and writing skills are second to none, and after 10 years of activities in the electronic scene, it's no wonder that this is a record you shouldn't miss.

Echotek - Changing Frames: Front