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Echotek - Emotion Chaos

Echotek - Emotion Chaos
LabelTime Stretch Music
Typealbum, CD

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Echotek - Emotion Chaos


01 Echotek - Mr.Easter
02 Echotek - A Living Monitor
03 Echotek - So Long So Far
04 Echotek - Kayo Attack
05 Echotek - The Way We Like It
06 Echotek - Emotion Chaos
07 Echotek - Back To Mind
08 Echotek - Setup Con.Com
09 Echotek - Deep To Tiv
10 Echotek - Electro Funk

Echotek - A Living Monitor

'We live in a 3-dimensional world. Until now, the world of computing has been a flat world, consisting of 2-dimensional imagery. Now, through the use of exclusive breakthrough technology, ARC has made it possible for you to get a life. A-Life, where we can work and play in a lifelike world of 3-dimensional reality. A-Life, the living monitor.'

From the movie 'Paycheck'


Echotek - Emotion Chaos: Front
Echotek - Emotion Chaos: Back
Echotek - Emotion Chaos: CD