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El Zisco - Behind The Mirage

El Zisco - Behind The Mirage
LabelDance n Dust Records
Typealbum, CD

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El Zisco - Behind The Mirage


01 El Zisco - Minimus Intrus
02 El Zisco - Observatorio
03 El Zisco - Somtimes
04 El Zisco - Travesure Remix (Dance Floor Remix)
05 El Zisco - 1072
06 El Zisco - The Big Trouble
07 El Zisco - Miles To Home
08 El Zisco - Atrevido
09 El Zisco - House Off (Tech)
10 El Zisco - Look At There Before You Say Something
11 El Zisco - So Long

Dance N Dust Records is proud to present the second full-length on the label: "Behind The Mirage" - the debut album of Francisco Oyarce, better known as El Zisco.

Francisco was born in Chile but moved to Germany in 1991, where he developed a taste for electronic music living in Hamburg, where the electronic music scene flourished. He started producing in 1993 and DJ'ing in 1998, and after the millennium his DJ'ing brought him to the attention of the dancers on the German open airs, with appearances one some of the biggest and most influential electronic music festivals like VooV Experience, Fusion and Lovefield.

His first release as a producer was on Dance N Dust Records' "Double D" compilation, and since then he has appeared on several releases from labels like Chaishop, Iono, Synergetic and also Plastik Park, where he was featured on Sally Doolallys "Headspace" compilation.

His sound is crisp and delicate progressive trance music, with crossover elements from psychedelic trance, progressive house, tech house and tribal. Both style and substance for home listening, but certainly also with punch and grooves for the dance floor.

El Zisco - Behind The Mirage: Front