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El Zisco - Valle De Ilusiones

El Zisco - Valle De Ilusiones
LabelSynergetic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Compilation - Valle De Ilusiones


01 El Zisco - Beat Box
02 El Zisco - Avalon
03 El Zisco - Cangrejo
04 El Zisco - Rumba
05 El Zisco - Vueltas
06 El Zisco - Kocham
07 Feuerhake - Ayamaya (El Zisco Remix)
08 El Zisco - Salvaje (Diesel Remix)
09 El Zisco - Regenbogen (Breakdown)
10 El Zisco - Rotarion
11 El Zisco - Inmersion

Solid Grooves from Hamburg!

Francisco Oyarce Zavala, a Chilean producer who has resided in Germany for many years now, has played his unique progressive style at Festivals like Lovefield, Voov and Fusion - just to name a few. Since his 2005 debut on Dance N Dust, El Zisco has been developing his sound an appealing blend of slick progressive grooves and upbeat atmospheres.

Now he is back with a full length album of fresh and funky progressive trance that sticks out of the mass: Trax have fat and chunky grooves wrapped in tightly coiled synthetic sweeps, and light chord strikes. Groovy percussions emphasize the rhythmn, and several melodic themes round up the flow. Valle de Ilusions is full of delightful surprises, a listening pearl as well as a proper dj-tool.

A must have for every progressive lover!

El Zisco - Valle De Ilusiones: Front