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Elastic - Back Home

Elastic - Back Home
LabelYellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings
Typealbum, CD

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Elastic - Back Home


01 Elastic - Me and the Allstars
02 Elastic - Pink Deluxe
03 Elastic - Plattform Avenue
04 Elastic - Back Home
05 Elastic - Bending Borders
06 Elastic - Bleeding Thrill
07 Elastic - Samba (Tribal Mix)
08 Elastic - Desire...On
09 Elastic - Bella Flarca

Elastic's debut release 'Air' in 2005 flew of the shelves within a couple of weeks and is in constant re-press since. The young producer from Greece seemed to have hit the right nerve for everyone into progressive Trance and since then, he has not stopped travelling the planet playing every major festival around the globe.

His second offering 'Back Home' is equally charming and proves his ability to produce music which is sexy and minimal and has a very unique hypnotic quality to it which can only be described as 'Elastic'.

Whatever the Trance scene has to offer in terms of young new talent, Y.S.E. will continue to pick only the finest cherries on the tree!

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