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Electric Universe - Silence In Action

Electric Universe - Silence In Action
LabelElectric Universe
Typealbum, CD

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Electric Universe - Silence In Action


01 Electric Universe - Mind Of God
02 Electric Universe - Tune Up
03 Electric Universe - The Self
04 Electric Universe - Multiverse
05 Electric Universe - Super Position
06 Electric Universe - Science
07 Electric Universe - Electric Universe
08 Electric Universe - The Bomb
09 Electric Universe - Solar Storm
10 Electric Universe - Future Excursions

One of the definite top releases in 2006 is on its way to you: "Silence in Action" redefines the Electric Universe. Very energetic, pure uplifting fresh Full On psychedelic sound. The perfect dance into the morning. It was produced over a period of 1.5 years, every track is carefully selected and a proven floor burner!

2005 was a very successful year for Electric Universe. Countless live acts all over the globe brought a lot of inspiration for the new, the 8th album "Silence in Action". It contains 10 smash hits from dark night over blissful morning tunes to floating daytime trance. This record brings the unique Electric Universe sound to a totally new level of production quality and content. Ecstatic, psychedelic and Full On. With the track "Tune Up" the album includes amazing vocals from 80ies electro icon Anne Clark, and of course "Meteor" Guitarero Roland Wedig joined with some of his burning chords. The Bomb is a highly explosive guitar fun track, you will see the crowd going totally nuts on that one.

The Self, a killer acid monster, plugs 10.000 Volt into every sound system, please take care of your speaker! And last but not least the closing track Future Excursions, a collaboration with Luca "Four Winds Circle" Szekely is a beautiful hymn for later hours. This record stands out through its highest energy and balance of acid lines, psychedelic melodies and pumping baselines. The usage of latest technology and its innovative sound design give the most futuristic audible results possible in these days.

Watch out for the upcoming releases in 2006, Electric Universe-The Remixes, Space Tribe and Electric Universe-ESP colaboration album and Highest Frequencies Compilation.

Electric Universe - Silence In Action: Front
Electric Universe - Silence In Action: Back
Electric Universe - Silence In Action: Back 2
Electric Universe - Silence In Action: Inside
Electric Universe - Silence In Action: Inside 2