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Ellis Vanghoul - Violent Energy

Ellis Vanghoul - Violent Energy
LabelMushy Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ellis Vanghoul - Violent Energy


01 Ellis Vanghoul - Princess Guenavier
02 Ellis Vanghoul - Pussy Dancers
03 Ellis Vanghoul - Blood For My Vampire
04 Ellis Vanghoul - Holy Skys Of Eden
05 Ellis Vanghoul - Violent Energy
06 Ellis Vanghoul - Power Is Love. Love Is A Dancefloor
07 Ellis Vanghoul - Circus Psychedelius
08 Ellis Vanghoul - Father Of All
09 Ellis Vanghoul - Flutaie
10 Ellis Vanghoul - Dreaming Japan (Live Recording)

Mushy records is delighted to announce its new prince evil of trance and invite the listeners into deeper, darker realms.

Violent Energy is a voyage that takes you deep underground and allows to behold the rise of a new dominant power - the rise of Ellis Vanghoul.

Taking you to the center of the dance floor, filling your mind with vibrations, blasting with power and art of the next generation, Ellis serves you these 7 rocking psycore trance tracks, 2 ambient tracks and ends with 1 special limited edition bonus track.Beautiful melodies collide with evil leads like a total chaos, elements of styles blend from Goa into dark-trance metal and hardcore. An awakening mix/blend to the human ear and mind, which will shake any music loving soul.

With the skillful production of the Mushy Records factory, it's a voice that will change phrases like dark and power in the trance scene forever.

Growing up in L.A, Vanghoul pours all of his musical influences into a creation of a new style combining many pieces of pure energy, best referred to as PSYCORE.

A ruff work on this album day and night leaded to the most powerful vibes for the true ravers.

So beware cause a Violent Energy is coming your way.

Ellis Vanghoul - Violent Energy: Front