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Enrico Coniglio - Areavirus Topofonie Vol 1

Enrico Coniglio - Areavirus Topofonie Vol 1
LabelPsychonavigation Records
Typealbum, CD

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Enrico Coniglio - Areavirus - topofonie vol 1


01 Enrico Coniglio - Stalking Venice
02 Enrico Coniglio - Lav(a)sciuga
03 Enrico Coniglio - Areavirus
04 Enrico Coniglio - Murania
05 Enrico Coniglio - W&J Theme
06 Enrico Coniglio - Waterphonics
07 Enrico Coniglio - Alpen Tower
08 Enrico Coniglio - Olivola
09 Enrico Coniglio - Velme inc. Ground One
10 Enrico Coniglio - ExistenZ Minimum

The album is inspired by the ambience in Venice lagoon. You could say it sounds like a night trip on a mysterious boat, or a flight over a land in the balance between waters and grounds, as a unique landscape running the risk to be jeopardized by the contemporary urban and industry development

The kind of sounds in the work are rich, pieces never static but almost narrative, varied in drone and textures; arpeggio loops rarely sustained by some glitchy rhythmic patterns, sweet naive and distant melody made by saxes or a brilliant piano; dense and not ever conciliating atmospheres, but sensitive in the forms and absolutely inclined to melancholy.