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Eskimo - Balloonatic part 1

Eskimo - Balloonatic part 1
LabelSigma Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Eskimo - My Rave
02 Eskimo vs Cycle Sphere - Wake Walking Dream
03 Eskimo - The Balloonnatic
04 Eskimo - Electric Scream
05 Eskimo - GMS-Kimo
06 Eskimo - Lazy Beam
07 Eskimo - Tourminator
08 Eskimo - Tiny Little Things
09 Eskimo - Every Single Sound

Eskimo - Electric Scream

Rip each other off for small personal possessions, and dance with depraved abandon in the vicinity of a six-foot pile of transistor radios each one tuned to a different station.

Divided by all the many races there is another race another universe.

Under the influence of a fantastic amount of trendy chemical amusement aid, they proceed to perform lewd acts, rip each other off for small personal possessions.