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ESP - Sensory Overload

ESP - Sensory Overload
LabelSpace Tribe Music
Typealbum, CD

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ESP - Sensory Overload


01 ESP - Electric Space Phenomenon
02 ESP - Experiences Outside Time
03 ESP - Higher Realms
04 ESP - I Like It
05 ESP - The Mind's Eye
06 ESP - Sensory Overload
07 ESP - What Is Real
08 ESP - Pozitronic Brain

SENSORY OVERLOAD is the second album from ESP, a collaboration project of SPACE TRIBE & ELECTRIC UNIVERSE SENSORY OVERLOAD is due for release in October 2007 SENSORY OVERLOAD certainly lives up to it's name
8 epic psychedelic, uplifting tracks A thorough shakedown of all six senses Deep, powerful, & exquisitely produced, SENSORY OVERLOAD will take you on a journey thru Higher Realms See thru the Mind's Eye & Enjoy the Experiences Outside Time. features Jon Klein & Roland Wedig on guitars, Olli Wisdom on vocals & Boris Blenn with his incredible programming technique

Electric Space Music for Electric Space People

ESP - Sensory Overload: Front