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Etic - Zooming Out

Etic - Zooming Out
LabelTrancelucent Productions
Typealbum, CD

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Etic - Zooming Out


01 Etic - Using The Music
02 Etic - X-Press
03 Etic - Sub Mission
04 Etic - Dance Proof
05 Etic - The Last Raver
06 Etic - Minority (Etic Remix)
07 Etic - Outro
08 Etic - Zooming Out
09 Etic - 2 Sec 2 Go
10 Etic - Mental Telepathy
11 Etic - Nothing Will Destroy Our Circle
12 Etic feat. Annarchy - Symbols n' Numbers

Get Ready for some Genuine Elevation.

'Zooming Out' is Etics, artist Etay Harari, third featured studio album.

With 'Zooming Out', Etic takes us through rich, magical, hyper active blend of progressive trance beats, set out to lift spirits and ignite dance floors with thick textures and drive.

'Zooming Out' CD is split into two sections, the first being 7 fresh and hypnotic progressive trance delicatessens, perfect for grooving out and uplifting the dance floor.

'Zooming Out' is groovy and pumping all the way through, manipulated ingeniously by Etic resulting in a perfect concept to each track, with the perfect atmosphere and original sounds which have become Etic unique signature.

A true journey through electronic beats and sounds.The 5 tracks that follow, Zoom things out, composed of an experimental edge, a fusion of Experimental, Chill-out break-beat sounds, enhanced with just the right amount of Electro oriented touches and influences.

'Zooming Out' is a true musical adventure, elegant, extravagant and exquisite, highly innovative material fitting to a wide array of atmospherical delights.

Whether you are Zooming in, or ZOooming out, this album will definitely uplift you and set you on a comprehensive fulfilling journey.

Etic - Zooming Out: Front