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Etnica - Nitrox

Etnica - Nitrox
LabelSpirit Zone Records
Typealbum, vinyl


01 Etnica - I Am The Shadow Of Myself
02 Etnica - Technoshit
03 Etnica - Sambadrome
04 Etnica - Nitrox
05 Etnica - Robot Rebellion (Live Mix)
06 Etnica - Small Doses

Etnica - Technoshit

'When the fuck are you gonna get sick of that lousy technoshit?'

'You fucking piece of filth.'

Etnica - Small Doses

'Giving yourself hallucinogens... can be traced back to prehistoric time and the aboriginal people... (...) plant hallucinogens as an intergral part... (...) dealing practises (...) access to the mind... to facilitate... social (...) it was an integral part of their lives.'

'Pure drugs, in controlled doses.'

From the documentary "Psychedelic Science" by Bill Eagles

Etnica - Nitrox: Side A
Etnica - Nitrox: Side B
Etnica - Nitrox: Side C
Etnica - Nitrox: Side D