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Exaile - Hit The Machine

Exaile - Hit The Machine
LabelChemical Crew
Typealbum, CD

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Exaile - Hit The Machine


01 Exaile - Boost
02 Exaile - Hit the machine
03 Exaile - New kick on the block
04 Exaile - Last one
05 Exaile - Let loose
06 Exaile - The world is our dance floor
07 Exaile - Base jumping
08 Exaile - Safe mode
09 Exaile - Merry go round
10 Exaile - One of the tribe (Bonus Track)

Exaile - Hit the machine

"Sell your soul and move with the sea, you gotta hit, hit.
you gotta hit the machine"

Exaile - New kick on the block

'Warning: The sound sequence you're about to hear can mentally destroy your brain...'

Exaile - Let Loose

- "They're coming to get you. They're coming for you!" @ 5:01
- "Look, there comes one of them now!" @ 5:08

From the movie 'Night of the living dead'

Night of the living dead

Exaile - Hit The Machine: Front
Exaile - Hit The Machine: Back
Exaile - Hit The Machine: CD