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Exaile - Scream

Exaile - Scream
LabelGround Breaking Music
Typealbum, CD

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Exaile - Exaile - Scream


01 Exaile - Scream
02 Exaile - Share It Or Die
03 Exaile - Out Of Control
04 Exaile - Vitality
05 Exaile - What's Really Good
06 Exaile - What About This?
07 Exaile - Analog To Digital
08 Exaile - Demo
09 Exaile - Mental Notes

01 Exaile - Tied Up (Azax Syndrom Remix)
02 Exaile - Radio Edit (Bizzare Contact Remix)
03 Exaile - Last One (Star-X Remix)
04 Exaile - Knock It Off (Sesto Sento Remix)
05 Exaile - The World Is Our Dance Floor (Delysid Remix)
06 Exaile - Hit The Machine (Indra Remix)
07 Exaile - Pitch Shift Case (Exaile Remix)
08 Exaile - Greedy 2008 (Exaile Remix)

Exaile are back with their brand new third, studio album 'Scream'.

This highly anticipated release is not only packed with 9 fresh previously unreleased bombshells but includes a bonus release: 'Exaile Remixed', 8 previously unreleased remixes produced by today's leading international producers, to Exailes's classic past tracks, including: Azax Syndrom, Sesto Sento, Bizzare Contact, Star-X, Indra, Delysid, and an additional remix and cover by Exaile themselves.

Exaile are Nir Sobol and Eyal Tzur, they need no introduction as they have been topping the psytrance charts for many years. Exaile have been active since 2002, and hold under their belts numerous releases on various compilation releases all over the world.

Scream is Exaile's latest studio album, and is packed with juice, an innovative masterpiece, previewing the current Exaile sound. Scream features a lot of Live instrumental recordings, such as Classic and Electronic guitars, Violins, Keyboards and Vocals.

Exaile - Scream: Front