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F.F.T - Future Frequency Technology EP

F.F.T - Future Frequency Technology EP
LabelAP Records
Typesingle, vinyl


01 F.F.T - Baraka
02 F.F.T - Novatech

F.F.T, 'Future Frequency Technology', is a side project of Lamat. F.F.T are Christian Vogel a.k.a Stalker and Marcos Sanchez a.k.a Lamat.

Both Lamat and Stalker are from Mexico and have been producing and performing together for a long time now.

Together they developed a top-notch, full-power and clear crystal sound production, which was already presented in Lamat album - Master Control. Expect nothing less from F.F.T! Each track is a refined Fullon Psychedelic Trance Bomb with monstrous Bass-Line and Kick. F.F.T and Lamat have been playing all over Europe last summer and will continue this coming summer including Lamat at the Fullmoon Festival.

F.F.T - Future Frequency Technology EP: Front