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Fatali - Dawn

Fatali - Dawn
LabelYoYo Records
Typealbum, CD

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Fatali - Dawn


01 Fatali - Before The Dawn
02 Fatali - Deep
03 Fatali - Ocean View
04 Fatali - Flip
05 Fatali - 2nd Episode
06 Fatali - Homeless
07 Fatali - Dawn
08 Fatali - Free
09 Fatali - Booster
10 Fatali - If We Touch

Eitan Carmi, a.k.a Fatali, is one of BNE's rising talents. Eitan, born in 1984 in Nazareth, discovered electronic music at the age of 13. He was pulled in by the electronic elements of sound and was instantly captivated by the wonders of music production.

He started out by fooling around with studio equipment, and at the age of 16, after discovering the MIDI world, began producing professionally. Fatali developed a totally unique sound - fresh and powerful, ranging from deep progressive to full-on trance, always with a hint of melody, and perfectly synchronized for the dance floor.

His record company and label, BNE/YoYo Records, released his second studio album titled "Faith" in February 2005, a follow up to his debut album that was released in early '03 on the UK label "Alchemy". Fatali has been performing extensively over the past two years. He appeared in Tsunami- New York, Earthcore- Australia, Soulclipse- Turkey, Indian Spirit- Germany, Antiworld- UK and also in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland & Denmark.

2006 has only began and Fatali is already booked to major events such as the S.O.S festival 2006 in Japan, the 13th Annual Earthcore Global Carnival 2006 and many more. In his Live Shows, he's electrifying the crowd with ever lasting energy.

Wherever he has set foot, the response has been amazing, setting the dance floor on fire and giving a whole new meaning to morning sound! Fatali manages to pass through music his positive approach to life and leaves the crowd breathless.