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Ferbi Boys - Dizzy Factory

Ferbi Boys - Dizzy Factory
LabelCom.Pact Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ferbi Boys - Dizzy Factory


01 Ferbi Boys - Cops
02 Ferbi Boys - Liquid Powder
03 Ferbi Boys - BushCaffe
04 Ferbi Boys - Drug N' Base
05 Ferbi Boys - Oggy Monster
06 Ferbi Boys - Soul E
07 Ferbi Boys - Mouse In The House
08 Ferbi Boys - Guitar Heroes
09 Ferbi Boys - Transport To Planet X
10 Ferbi Boys - Planet X

Com.Pact Records presents with much enthusiasm and pride the Second, long awaited, studio album by Dream Team - Ferbi Boys - Dizzy Factory.Ferbi Boys are Itai Spector and Aviram Saharai, also known as Sesto Sento (together with Matan Kadosh A.K.A Gataka), one of the leading groups roaming the Galaxy.

Ferbi Boys have cooked up an amazing release, loaded with power, humor, drive with loads of imagination and charm.Dizzy Factory consists of 10 infectious tracks diverse, kicking and uplifting, fussing in various styles of electronic beats, including Electro and Progressive delights, tightly wrapped in a charming Full-On wrap.

The Ferbi Boys are taking the listener through unexplored realms, exploding stories and dreams, elements missed in today's template based productions out there.The Ferbi Boys duo have toured the Globe extensively, performing masterfully on all types of dance floor stages, always surprising and leaving the audiences in a state of happiness and shock.

Dizzy Factory is Ferbi Boys most invested release till date and is destined to take the Trance world by storm

Ferbi Boys - Dizzy Factory: Front