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Feuerhake - Reworx

Feuerhake - Reworx
LabelSynergetic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Feuerhake - Reworx


01 Feuerhake - Trancehop (DDC's Guitar Thing)
02 Feuerhake - What Is Soul ? (Marc O'Tool Remix)
03 Feuerhake - Movie Rave (Sonus Remix)
04 Feuerhake - Under Pressure (Sensifeel Remix)
05 Feuerhake - Glowing Nights (Martin Remix)
06 Feuerhake - Noe (DJ Feuerhake Remix)
07 Feuerhake - La Aurora (DJ Feuerhake Remix)
08 Feuerhake - Ayamaya (Aerospace Remix)
09 Feuerhake - Desert Beauty (Duca Remix)
10 Feuerhake - The Key (En Voice Remix)

With the lack of a better word, this remixes release is simply essential!

Who doesnot remember DJ Feuerhake's legendary albums 'Ecxess all areas', 'Feuerhake' or 'Re:start'?

Tracks like 'Noe', 'La Aurora' or 'Ayamaya' gained cult status. Hence, it is not surprising that the inquiries for doing remixes were long and demand for them could not be ignored.

Now, the beloved DJ from Hamburg, has collected a punch of remixes to fill up a full length CD.

And the Lineup speaks for itself: Marc O'Tool, Duca, Deep Dive Corp., Sensifeel, Sonus, Martin, Aerospace, En voice and the master by himself have reworked his timeless masterpieces.

Feuerhake - Reworx: Front