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Feuerhake - The Tic Tac Remixes

Feuerhake - The Tic Tac Remixes
LabelSynergetic Records
Typesingle, CD

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Feuerhake - Tic Tac Remixes


01 Feuerhake - Tic Tac
02 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Ovnimoon Remix)
03 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Idot Remix)
04 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (El Zisco Remix)
05 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Niebla Del Mar Remix)
06 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Kularis Remix)
07 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Philter Remix)
08 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Freelander Remix)
09 Feuerhake - Tic Tac (Ben Disaster Remix)

Stefan Feuerhake AKA DJ Feuerhake - The beloved Dj from Hamburg is back with a new album, available on CD for the beginning of June. Meanwhile Synergetic Records has decided to give you a taste of Stefan's new sound with a special NICE PRICE - CD-Release that contains the original and 8 great remixes of his dancefloor proven masterpiece TIC TAC.

These remixes were created by talented trance artists from the entire world blending their unique style with Feuerhake's remarkable groove, the resultant tracks will suit different moods and tastes, all of them are very well produced and original, here is a brief review of every remix.

Feuerhake - The Tic Tac Remixes: Front