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Fine Taste - Superficial EP

Fine Taste - Superficial EP
LabelFlow Vinyl
Typesingle, vinyl


01 Fine Taste - Superficial (Original)
02 Fine Taste - Superficial (Phatjak Hipnotic Remix)

'Superficial' delivers a wicked progressive house monster unleashing an amazing infectious bass groove and some very very catchy mellow elastic strings. This is big for Warren, Cattaneo, Pappa.

On info side, we were extremely happy to discover these two 20 years old young lads from the Netherlands by the name of Fine Taste, we go their demo and became quite surprised by their quality production and musicality.

On the logo side, the very cool greek duo Phatjak delivers an hypnotic retro tech approach. The melodies are inserted in a very subtle way deeply building up to a huge lushy break. If you love Eric Prydz you will love this. They have been putting out some great tracks and remixes on labels like Audio Therapy, Mashtronic, Nascent, Sog, Baroque.

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