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Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion

Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion
LabelDance n Dust Records
Typealbum, CD

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Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion


01 Flame On Fire - Resthold Tail
02 Flame On Fire - A Reason A Key And Few Words
03 Flame On Fire - Feel Of The Drum
04 Flame On Fire - Helium
05 Flame On Fire - High Voltage Guitar
06 Flame On Fire - Distant Visitors
07 Flame On Fire - Night Vision
08 Flame On Fire - Science Is God
09 D-nox & Beckers - One Shot (Flame On Fire Remix)
10 Flame On Fire - Confused Heart

Dance n dust is proud to present MISSION EMOTION the new debut concept album by the upcoming master of groove FLAME ON FIRE. His new project, an exclusive, fat bass lined groove creation is a delicious dish indeed! Minimal touches and a funky bouquet combined with polished metallic cymbalwork make this album a unique experience for the fans of progressive tech-house and electronic so just take a bite and let it melt in your mouth.

Flame On Fire - Mission Emotion: Front