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Flooting Grooves - Upsyde Downe

Flooting Grooves - Upsyde Downe
LabelPeak Records
Typealbum, CD

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Flooting Grooves - Upsyde Downe


01 Flooting Grooves - Mbirations
02 Flooting Grooves - Across The Threshold
03 Flooting Grooves - Thermal Shock
04 Flooting Grooves - Mystic Mountain
05 Flooting Grooves - Wavelength
06 Flooting Grooves - Birds
07 Flooting Grooves - Zero Defect
08 Flooting Grooves - Spacedrift

Following the recent psy-stomping-night-time spree with the releases of "Peakopath" and Yab Yum's debut album "Nocturnal Emissions", PEAK RECORDS is now on a mission to explore the chill side of the moonand is proud to introduce artist and producer FLOOTING GROOVES with his debut album "UPSYDE DOWNE".

Ethnic-ambient-groovy-downtempo-psy-progressive-cyber-chill-floaty-flooty would be a few words to describe FLOOTING GROOVES' musicif only words were enough to describe sound! His trademark is the well-crafted combination of these different styles, producing tight, funky beats, with a silver flute free-floating and gliding on top.

"UPSYDE DOWNE" is a psychedelic odyssey that travels from the land of beatless chill all the way to planet prog, in 8 tracks. Intelligent, trippy and organic, FLOOTING GROOVES' album is the offspring of hard work, art work and heart work!

The emphasis is on groovy, airborne, spacey sounds that make you feel good!

Mastered by Huby Sea & Vincent Villuis @
Artwork by Titine Leu, Graphic design by Ajja & Tanina Munchkina

Flooting Grooves - Upsyde Downe: Front