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Flowjob - Zentertainment

Flowjob - Zentertainment
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Flowjob - Zentertainment


01 Flowjob - Change Everything
02 Flowjob - Peace, Love & Happiness Stuff
03 Flowjob - I Have A Dream
04 Flowjob - Colours Are Cool
05 Flowjob - We Are Here
06 Flowjob - Don't Believe In Mirrors
07 Flowjob - Joining Mothership
08 Flowjob - Tomorrow Returns
09 Flowjob - Flyboy

Iboga Records Presents the Second album from Flowjob "Zentertainment".
Joakim Hjørne and Mads Tinggaard are again behind the project, which "live-set" has seen great success around the globe, especially in Brazil.
The boys are finally ready with a follow up to their successful debut album from 2006 "Support Normality", an album which included their hit "Run baby Run".
Their sound is rich, melodic and creative, and generates a positive vibe at home listening and certainly on the dance floors. Top notch production ensures a very high quality product once again from Flowjob & Iboga Records.
This album surely is to be heard all over at the forthcoming 2008 summer season festivals. Groovy sunshine music to bring smiles on the faces, don't miss it