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FREq - Remixed

FREq - Remixed
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Freq - Remixed


01 Freq - Away
02 Freq - Short Life Again (Ace Ventura Remix)
03 Freq - Stone-Shaker (Protoculture Remix)
04 Freq - Carbon Based Life Form (Tristan Remix)
05 Freq - Strange Attractors (Liquid Soul Remix)
06 Freq - What A Feeling (Jerome Isma - Ae Remix)
07 Freq - Return Of The Masters (RPO Remix)
08 Freq - Brazil (Nyquist Remix)
09 Freq - Dreambody (Atmos Remix)

Iboga Records Presents the long awaited remix CD from FREq.
After two huge albums "Strange attractors" & "Gosub 20", which has been two of the most successfull albums on iboga records ever, FREq Aran Gallagher is finally ready to deliver a special remix package including his own choices of top international artists in a broad range of styles.
On the CD you'll also find a new massive FREq tune, "Away", which has been played around the globe with great responses during 2007.
Top remixers include Tristan, RPO, Atmos, Jerome de Ismae, Protoculture & Ace Ventura. Furthermore there's a Nyquist remix, a side project Aran is running together with his mate Ben Hartley, with whom he is preparing a debut Nyquist album during 2008.
The FREq remix CD reminds many of us why FREq is considered one of the absolute top producers in the scene, while new listeners will discover some of the best dance music available in today's market.
A true must have!

FREq - Remixed: Front