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Frost Raven - Star Muse

Frost Raven - Star Muse
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typealbum, CD

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Frost Raven - Star Muse


01 Frost Raven - Starchaser
02 Frost Raven - The Well
03 Frost Raven - Tabula Rasa
04 Frost Raven - Night_Freak
05 Frost Raven - Muse
06 Frost Raven - Nightmares
07 Frost Raven - Lore
08 Frost Raven - Dark Wood
09 Virtual Light - Nuclear Sun (Frost Raven Remix)

Frost Raven's debut full length CD Album entitled "Star Muse" is the latest in cutting edge full power and progressive psychedelic Goa trance music. Artists like Frost Raven from the San Francisco's bay area underground dance scene are the creative force for this seminal sound that is dominating today's biggest clubs, festivals and stadiums. Since the early 90s this genre has continued on to become the leading sound in the underground dance culture. This world class EP demonstrates the style, production skill, and catchy hooks that have driven this sound to the top of the charts. Frost Raven's unmistakable melodic sound is crystal clear and full of heart. Get ready to upgrade your music collection with this top of the stack winner! With a background in film and theater soundtrack composition, Frost Raven started out with applications such as Soundforge and ACID Pro. After attending Pyramind; The Institute for Advanced Digital Audio Training, Dustin Musser (aka Frost-RAVEN) gained the skills and exposure necessary to elevate his music to a new level. While in school Dustin was offered a digital contract for his album Desert Walker, which alongside his electro-house EP Fire City, quickly began to dominate INgroove's new releases charts on However Dustin Musser's true passion is psychedelic trance music. Currently Frost-RAVEN has a number of projects on tap. His new down-tempo EP Deep in Blue is set for spring release on the INgooves digital label. Also new tracks can be heard CD compilation due out February on the Geomagnetic label. Frost-RAVEN is also the co-founder of Somasoundsystem, a Bay Area collective of DJs and producers. Together they represent fresh sounds and pre-current trends:

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