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Frozen Ghost - Edible Technique

Frozen Ghost - Edible Technique
LabelYabai Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Frozen Ghost - Ned's Mental
02 Frozen Ghost - Frozen Toast Ver.2
03 Frozen Ghost - Multiprey
04 Frozen Ghost - Deranged
05 Dirty Motion - Control Freak
06 Hiyarant - Red Coat (Frozen Ghost Remix)
07 Frozen Ghost - E = Mentally Squared
08 Frozen Ghost - Icey Binge Of The Bio Shrimp
09 Frozen Ghost - Edible Technique

It has been over a year since the acclaimed debut release of Frozen Ghost's 'Just One Bite'.

And now Cape Town born Barry Wynne is ready to reveal the second frozen installment in a new chapter, now released on Yabai Records, called 'Edible Technique'.

Having since received releases on labels such as Yabai, MMD, Noize Conspiracy, and Afrogalactic, as well as just recently compiling MMD Records V/A compilation 'Cold Conclusion', Frozen Ghost has been exposing his new live set, coast to coast in countries such as Japan, South Africa, and Israel.

Edible Technique features 9 'full-flavoured' dance floor killers including a potent remix of Hiyarant's 'Red Coat', the popular 'Ned's Mental', and an edible new version of 'Frozen Toast'. Also featured is the crunchy 'Control Freak' by new project, Dirty Motion aka Frozen Ghost vs. Hiyarant.

'Edible Technique' showcases a new refined style to Frozen Ghost, whether varying from the dark and twisted, to the brain-bending supercharger psychedelics, there is something here for everyone.

So crank up your system and dig your teeth into Frozen Ghost's 'Edible Technique'.

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