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Funky Dragon - Massive

Funky Dragon - Massive
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Funky Dragon - Massive


01 Funky Dragon - Waiting For Something
02 Funky Dragon - Day After
03 Funky Dragon - Journey
04 Funky Dragon - Sun Day
05 Funky Dragon - Massive
06 Funky Dragon - Who's There
07 Funky Dragon - Last Human
08 Funky Dragon - Yellow Summer
09 Funky Dragon - Wake Up

Igor Cuculovic is back with another piece of his unique percussive progressive music style.

His 2nd Album 'Massive' brings you 9 deep, pushing and atmospheric tracks, produced with surgeons precision and enormous creativity with the sounds.

Funky Dragon has continued to develop his skills for a crispier and cleaner production, combining pumping bass lines with funky grooves, packed in exciting arrangements.

This new album shows that his blend of sounds has generated an interesting style full of groove and tricky details. And it also abstains from the usual patterns of trance music to follow a more creative flow of varied sounds and grooves.

Those attributes make this CD a fresh and delightful piece of pure progressive dance music.

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