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Furious - Supremacy

Furious - Supremacy
LabelTechnical Freaks Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Furious - Impressive
02 Furious - This Way (Remix)
03 Furious - Sadizmo
04 Furious - Hellworld
05 Furious - Poison
06 Furious & Kindzadza - Bring The Plant
07 Furious & Exited - Grabs Me
08 Furious & Gorump Peyya & Vovan - Lsd Baba And 40 Ravers
09 Furious & Guitar Whoop - Ufo On Lfo

Technical Freaks Records is a new generation psychedelic label based in Moscow, Russia. After many years of listening and playing psytrance music, gathering psychedelic experience in 2005 a group of people started to make events in Russia under the name Technical Freaks with their own idea, inviting especially night time psytrance live acts. Well known worldwide as event organizers, suddenly Technical Freaks crew decided to run the label as a new way to express our concepts and feelings in music. Founded in 2008 by 3 label managers Sunshine, Jesus Freak and Tatar we want to proclaim the full power of a real psy sound, supporting mostly Russian psy heads but also truly psychedelic artists from all over the world as well. Label is represented nowadays by live acts and dj sets which you can find on the official website
Technical Freaks Records proudly presents their first blast - Furious Supremacy, the new album from one of the most talented and brilliant Russian psychedelic artists ever. Nick Furious already released an album Not For Fame' with Vertigo Records, Uncanny Beats' album with Insomnia Records and the double album (2cd's) with other project name Paradigma' for Deja Vu Records was almost ready but not printed because the label was closed. In the 4th Furious album he made the sound totally innovative and production inside comes with a real high quality. For this cd Furious collected different spirits from deep and atmospheric to fast and powerful but every time provided together with special psychedelic energy.

Furious - Supremacy: Front